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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mediation take?

The length of mediation depends on how many issues need to be resolved between the couple and the belief of either party that they might reach a better outcome if the divorce would be at another venue. After intake calls with both parties the couple will receive a projected timeline for the completion of the process. In some instances a couple was prepared to schedule a 5-6 hour session and the final agreement was drafted within a week. In some cases there are financial concerns that require intervention from a third party professional, for example from a CPA to review the family income, or for example from a financial planner to help continue sustainability for both parties. When third parties are involved the process inevitably will take longer.

What about my financial future?

When you choose to mediate you are taking control of your financial future rather than leaving it up to chance and the decision of an outside party. The outcome of mediation is guided by the intervention of the mediator, but exclusively decided by the couple. This process ensures that when mediation is finalized both parties will be feeling secure about their financial futures. 

What are your fees?

Shalom Family Mediation offers hourly pricing at $250.00 per hour and we also offer flat rate pricing that ranges from $5,000 - $10,000 based on the projected complexity of the case. You can discuss pricing options following your intake call.

What about out children?

The best way to share custody and parenting time can be very difficult to figure out. Leading expert research on children and divorce consistently suggest that kids of divorce experience less trauma from the divorce when both parents continue to be actively involved in the lives of the children, regardless of who they live either primarily or alternately. Shalom Family Mediation is dedicated to helping you reach the best possible outcome for your children.

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