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Shalom Family Mediation

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“Peace is not the
absence of conflict,
it is the ability to
handle conflict
by peaceful means”

-Ronald Reagan

Shalom Family Mediation has one primary goal,  to help people achieve and maintain Shalom - peace. Conflict between loved ones, whether a spouse, a parent, or a child is painful, and unfortunately all too common. At Shalom Family Mediation, we believe that the healthiest path to conflict resolution does not include asserting the will or dominion of one party over another. On the contrary, research has shown that assertion, dominion and other similar tactics prove to be inflammatory and counterproductive. Our approach to conflict resolution - be it over betrayal within a marriage, between a parent and child, or related to divorce - is rooted in guiding the parties to adhere to their own principles while also recognizing the principles of the other party. We focus on replacing conflict and hostility with understanding and respect.

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